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Hello Winemaker, do you have enough wine?

My name is Shilpa Sunthankar, and using my expertise in video production in combination with targeted social media advertising on Facebook, I can double your wine club sales every month. So, do you have enough wine for that demand? If so, let’s talk!

Because competition in wine country is heating up. More attention is pouring into wine produced in the Northwest and more new winemakers are popping up every day. Differentiate yourself and get your name in front of the customer with my proven, trackable method of getting new and more faces into your tasting room.

  • “90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions.” - Forbes Magazine

  • “64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos.” - Tubular Insights

  • “Views of sponsored video content on Facebook have jumped 258% since 2016.” - Tubular Insights

So, are you ready to get your name out there and get more customers coming through your door? Let’s talk! I’m already a Northwest wine fan myself, so I’ll sell your wine and take Facebook advertising out of your hands so you can focus more on what you do best: making more wine!

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