The special moment you share with your spouse at the Kelp Forest, or the look of pure joy when your child comes face-to-face with an otter: it’s that connection you feel with your favorite animals, and the people you bring with you to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Share the Love campaign includes 4 broadcast spots that feature Sardines, Penguins, Sea Turtles, and Jellyfish created in studio max and maya, and composited into their habitats. Since the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a research-based institute, it was vital to recreate the animals to look as natural as possible. After a visit to the aquarium to capture background habitats and reference footage, Shilpa Sunthankar and the Fashionbuddha team worked to model, animate, light and composite these fun spots.

CLIENT: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Writer: Jessica Clement von Rohr
Art Director: Jessica Bognar
Production Director: Frank Lewis
Production Assistant: Quincey Firth

Matthew Zinn: Camera Operator

Director: Robert Lewis
Producer: Shilpa Sunthankar
Compositor: Adam C Sager
CG Animation: PBdigital, Krissy Pederson, Eric Scheur, Fred Ruff