EVault and Chemistry Club enlisted Fashionbuddha and Shilpa Sunthankar to create their "Worst Case Scenario Alphabet," in which each letter represents a different way that a server and all the data stored on it could be destroyed. To add to the challenge, each vignette was to be done in a different style of animation. This was exactly the kind of creative project that we love, so we called on some friends to help out. Hand drawn animation, Monty Python style collage, and even Legos were thrown in the mix! What resulted was a series of super fun and unique skits that suggest you look into securing your data with EVault.


Director of Production - Frank Lewis

Robert Lewis - Executive Producer
Shilpa Sunthankar - Producer
Directors/ Animators - Paul Anders, Chris Purdin, Josh Mahan, Rory Magnus, Matt Clark, Clint Beastwood
Music and Sound Design by Brent Rogers at Rex Post