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Also, take a look at the clip of the first two scenes on Vimeo, or the successful project on Kickstarter


Projects to look for: 
Biography of an American Hostess
Running Time: 18 min, Digital Video, 2003
Dir.: Shilpa Sunthankar


An Indian American restaurant Hostess becomes the target of misconception, from Indians and Americans alike; only when she runs away from it all does she encounter someone who understands her, though barely speaking to her at all.
Click HEREfor more details on Hostess.
Or if you haven't seen it yet, check out the short in its entirety IMDb!
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Newly Completed:
The Company of Thieves 
Narrative Short Film, Red Camera, 2011
Running time: 17 min.
Writer/ Dir: Shilpa Sunthankar
After a thief named Dex is swindled out of his loot and left for dead by his partner, Sanjeev, he makes a fast deal with the Devil and sets out on a vengeance mission to find his partner, kill him and get his loot back.  Only, he finds his vengeance mission is more than he bargained for.
This short was stunningly shot in April 2010 on the Red One, premiered in August 2011, and is starting its festival circuit now.
Check out the links above! Click HEREfor more details and screenings! Watch the first two scenes in HD HERE.  Or see the project on Kickstarter.

Projects in development
Seeta's Demon
Narrative Feature, 35mm, In Development
Writer/ Dir: Shilpa Sunthankar
Seeta's Demon is a dark vengeance tale in which the three characters Will, Kartik and Veena- Indian and American- put aside their differences, cultural and personal, to come together and avenge the woman they love who has been attacked by a violent serial predator. Told alongside the Ramayana, a primary story of Hinduism, these three characters come to play roles in ridding the world of a common demon of misperception that has plagued Indian, and Asian women, for ages. At its heart, however, Seeta’s Demon portrays how far Gods and Humans will go, how fiercely they will fight, to reclaim the beauty and love that has been torn from their lives.
Click HERE for more details on the new Seeta's Demon website!